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A Paradigm Shift for Adult Day Services - ANCOR Links. pp. 19-22, January 2007.
Best practice recognizes that people grow and develop and become more independent as a result of
participating in meaningful life activities, not pretend life activities.  

An Adult is Determined by Virtue of Age and Not Intellect, Part 1 - ANCOR Links. pp.
1-2, January 1993.
There are nine issues that training for TODAY should address relative to the topic of age

An Adult is Determined by Virtue of Age and Not Intellect, Part 2 - ANCOR Links.  pp.
1-2, February 1993.
The subject of age appropriateness as it relates to the persons we serve tends to illicit feelings of
defensiveness, ambiguity and confusion for many of us.

An Institution is Not a Place, It's a State of Mind - ANCOR Links.  April 1992.
Historically, some professionals have characterized an institution only by its physical attributes...As
trainers we must not be fooled into accepting this simplistic characterization of an institution.

An Institution is Not a Place, It's a State of Mind - ANCOR Links.  May 1992.
There are certain areas that must be continually addressed in our training in order that we are most
effective in conveying our message of independence for the people we serve.

Anomy.  Tash:  The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps.  Vol. 20, Issue
11.pp. 20-21, November 1993.
Confessions of an operant intrusionist.  

Assuring Quality Services in Financially Troubling Times - QNotes.  Quarterly
Newsletter of the National Association of QMRP's.  Volume IV, NO. 2, 2002.
This is the ideal time for managers, supervisors and clinicians to step up to the challenge and
successfully overcome the financial constraints before them.  

Best Practice Strategies for Abuse Prevention:  What Would You Do? - ANCOR Links.  
May 2003.
Impairments in language and speech, confounded by dysfunctions in cognitive processing and memory
provide for the perfect cover for the abuser.

Clinical Services: A Paradigm Shift - National Community Review. p. 2, January 1994.  
One of the most significant, but most ignored shifts, is the dramatically altering role and status of
professional clinicians.

Don't Blame Them - Train Them! - ANCOR Links.  May 2006.
Thousands of individuals employed as direct support professionals were never taught how to teach.

Historical Influences on Training:  The Custodial/Medical Model - ANCOR Links.  
June 1992
The article provides trainers a historical perspective on the evolution of training models used over the
past 25 years.

Historical Influences on Training:  The Developmental Model - ANCOR Links.  July
Training programs today are an ever-changing process guided by two major influences...

"I am Somebody:"  Beyond Inclusion -  ANCOR Links.  Vol. 27, No. 04.  pp. 24, 26-27 ,
April 1997.  AAMR News & Notes.  Vol 10, No.3, p. 4., May/June 1997.
A higher order condition must prevail if one is to experience a high quality life.  

Inclusion: Beyond Habilitation - ANCOR Links.  August 1992
Service models to persons with mental retardation and other disabilities have evolved as a result of
professional, social and economic considerations.

It's All in How You Say It - Ohio Health Care Association.  ANCOR Links. Vol. 16,
Issue 2, page 8-9, March 1992.  
Our method of communication is crucial and determines our success as trainers - IT'S ALL IN HOW

Overcoming The Effect of Anomy - ANCOR Links.  December 1992
For the majority of persons with mental retardation living in highly regulated environments, their life
lacks meaning - diminished of value.

Positive Rituals:  Steps Toward "Getting a Life" - ANCOR Links.  Vol. 20, No. 10, pp.
11, 17, October 1995.  
Choice and self-determination in people's lives are the quintessential elements needed in "getting a

Spontaneity:  The Spice of Life - ANCOR Links.  Vol. 21, No. 07.  pp. 5, 12.  July 1996.

The Process of Supporting Appropriate Behavior - The Tools of Universal Enhancement
- ANCOR Links.  October 1992
The tools of Universal Enhancement are simplistic - they are basic and are derived from the
experiences that affect our lives.
Universal Enhancement In Place/Just in Time Training - Four Part Series
The Changing Environment - ANCOR Links.  January 2002
Historically, approaches to staff training in the human service field relied predominantly on the           
traditional classroom setting model.  

2.  A Focus on Quality of Interaction - ANCOR Links.  July/August 2002
The paradigm shift in staff training approaches is dramatically altering the service environment           
for persons with disabilities.

3.  Having a Presence - ANCOR  Links.  November/December 2002
When an organization implements the IP/JIT staff training model, the work schedule of                       
supervisors must be carefully assessed.

4.  The Four Coaching Strategies - ANCOR Links.  January 2003
IP-JIT Coaching Strategies include Modeling, Prompting, Supporting and Celebrating.

Universal Enhancement: Quality of Life Profile - ANCOR Links.  September 1992
Staff of all disciplines must learn how to facilitate opportunities for individuals to develop
meaningful relationships and to enhance the value of activities in their lives.

Universal Enhancement: Strategies For Promoting Relationships - November 1992
It is now recognized that the formation of valued relationships serves as a primary and significant
deterrent to the development and continuance of inappropriate behavior.

Where's The Cookie Jar - The National Association for the Dually Diagnosed.  The
NADD Newsletter.  July/August 1997.
Several weeks ago I received a frantic call from staff requesting assistance with an individual engaged
in what was described as "challenging behavior ."
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