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Read many of the poems that Dr. Pomeranz uses during his training
sessions. Please feel free to print and share the following poems.
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A Day in the Life of the Other Guy
A Winner's Motto
Advocacy Song
All of My Friends
All of Those People Trying So Hard to Help Me
An End to the Concept of Handicapped
Are You a Cup of Coffee?
Beatitudes for Friends and Family
Common Sense
Crabbit Old Woman
Crabbit Old Woman, A Nurse's Reply
Fable of the Seahorse - Know Where You Are Going
Flowers are not in Your IEP
Fred the Duck
Good Enough For Me
Having a Life
I am the Decisive Element
I Could Never Do That
In the Beginning
It Must Be Considered
Letting Go
My Other Brother Daryl
Of Interest to All My Dearest Caregivers
On Leadership
Shift Happens
The Dignity of Risk
The Experience of Dementia as a Journey
The Marathon Man
To Be Seen as Having a Disability
What if All the People
What is Life
You and I
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