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There is a saying that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.  So,
I am sending you a gift - a big "Thank you!"  I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you for helping
me increase my knowledge and skills about leadership and management.  I also want to thank you for
helping me gain a greater understanding of the lives of individuals with disabilities.  I must say, you have
a profound understanding of the human mind and behavior.  I find your presentations and training most
enjoyable.  Your teaching approach is unique and memorable, and audiences love your use of humor
and storytelling.  Your presentation and trainings are filled with positive energy and you have a way of
engaging audience participation and making everyone's experience memorable.  
BN, People's Care,
Whittier, CA

Thank you so very much for being so gracious and taking the time to speak with me last week. The
information and suggestions you provided were insightful and valuable. I took three pages of notes!  
We'll check back in and let you know how things are going. That a giant in this field is so accessible to
a provider is heartwarming. Thank you!   
Adult Extended Family Care, Waynesboro, VA

You inspired me, made me mad, made me cry and made me laugh, but especially you made me think!
SM Wall Residence, Floyd, VA

Thank you for educating us, and allowing us to understand how far we have come and where people
who have a disability used to suffer.  I will now embrace a new way of thinking.  I will try not to allow
a disability diagnosis to define my ability or my potential or my character.  I loved your slides on the
board.  You spoke on what was real and very much true life.  Your class will always be a G.E.M.
(Good Enough Me) to my heart.  To a great speaker who held nothing back.  Thank you for teaching
us.  Thank you for being on our side now.  
JT, Topeka, KS

Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me reach my epiphany moment at your conference. It
helps to know that a nationally known authority on disabilities, recognizes my strength and wonderful
nature.  For so many years, I have felt like a slave to the ignorance of many professionals and staff of
the agency that serves me and at the house at which I currently reside. Now, I have the confidence to
voice the injustices that I see and encounter personally on a daily basis.  I am hoping that my voice will
in turn make my agency see how important it is to change.  Today, I contacted one of the three people
who attended your conference in hopes of convincing her to speak with the director of my servicing
agency to welcome you into their philosophy and contact you directly.  In the meantime, I am going to
be a pioneer for myself and others in this area and insist that the discrimination and segregation of us be
stopped in its tracks.  You have set me free of many of the feelings that I have kept bottled up for so
long.  Thank you for setting me free.  I came into your lectures with a child's mindset and left with a
woman's mentality.
 KT, New York, NY

I was a parent in the audience of an all day seminar in Los Angeles a few years back, (don’t remember
the name of the conference...) and you were the key note speaker. I have a 21 year old son with Down
Syndrome, and your talk gave me the boost I needed to transition in to adult years.  Your passion and
your words about the importance of work, and of avoiding the day program...”wait”...mentality are
giving me the drive and direction to help guide Luke’s journey towards independence.  Thank you for
your message, your “shot in the arm” being a voice that we need to inspire us as parents.  Luke is doing
well, it has never been easy.He is riding the train to Fullerton College, where he takes classes for the
disabled in a college setting.  Every step of his journey is full of challenges, it is overwhelming and so
worth it.  Being that we are in the Thanksgiving season...please know that I am thankful for you, your
work, and your message from a few years back that continues to give me direction and hope for my
adult son Luke!
KS, Pasadena, CA

We enjoyed once again having you visit Mountain Lake Services, and appreciate the way you help us
inspire our employees to reach for a higher standard.  As always with your trainings the staff response
was overwhelmingly positive and demonstrates some clear changes to mindset of some of the
participants.  I was not just speaking rhetorically when I mentioned this at the end of each session: we
have seen real changes of heart and of practice based on your trainings, and that is the ultimate
evaluation tool in my estimation.  
Mountain Lake Services, Port Henry, NY

Just a quick note to thank you for your work. We have recently purchased several sets of the
Community Building DVDs and are using the train all of our staff – current about 350 people) and new
hires. We have made Universal Enhancement the core of our Quality of Life initiative.  We find the
DVD’s to be interesting, concise, practical, and they match our training needs (we provide support for
people who live in homes together) very well.
Bay Human Services, Standish, MI

Thank you so much for your excellent presentations last week at the TN Disability MegaConference.  I
have to say you are one of the best presenters I've seen/heard/hired.  Inspiring, thought-provoking,
funny, poignant, engaging, energetic-all the stuff I hope for when bringing a speaker in or when sitting
through a session myself.  Thanks for being so good at what you do.
Partners in Policymaking,
Nashville, TN

I can't tell you how positive the comments were and how much you impressed even me!  As a
seasoned presenter myself I can only say that you deserve the Emmy for your presentation!  What
energy, what challenges and you don't mince words which is a refreshing thing to hear.  
Developmental Center, Beatrice, NE

I would like to first thank you for the wonderful seminar.  I attended the training at the Dover Delaware
Sheraton entitled Supporting People to have a Quality Life.  I have to say I keep my special glasses on
all the time now.  Wow I left there feeling like I had been standing behind a dirty window and you took
the time to clean it for me.  I can see much better now!  I was infected with the GEM disease that I
came back to the office and expressed my emotions to my supervisors, who in turn decided that I
should share my experience at our next general staff meeting.  Maybe I can use this opportunity to
make some of the changes that I would like to see.  Hopefully this will put us on the road to a Quality
Life for everyone at our agency.  Thanks again, and I hope to attend more trainings in the future.  
Chesapeake Care Resources, North East, MD

I have been around the world three times and back, and I have never had a speaker as powerful as
Tom.  I look forward to the day our paths cross again.  

I've never had a training so simple, yet so true and human.  My life truly starts now, today.  Resource
Center, Chautauqua, NY

The manner in which the material is presented allows me to interpret and apply the concepts into the
lives of our consumers.  I will remember the concepts and how they made an impact on my life.
D. Lanterman Regional Center, Los Angeles, CA  

I can not praise you enough for speaking up for what is RIGHT!  Opportunity Living Day Program
Center, Lake City, IA

Excellent session - state of awareness that I wish more people had.  Please come give training to
everyone in the agency and assist the agency in change.  

Revolutionary thought is always based on the most rational and most human foundations.  Thank you
for providing our campus with a common sense and humanness...and for lighting the fire or
revolutionary change this place so earnestly and desperately needed!  
Beatrice Developmental Center,
Beatrice, NE

Am walking out of here with a better understanding of what we all need.  A LIFE and teach those who
do not have one.  
Opportunity Living, Lake City, IA

I was blessed to be a part of this informative training.  It touched and gave light to many aspects of my
personal and professional life!
 The ARC of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA

This was one of the more incredible experiences I have ever had.  I hate to leave in fact.  Tom's
presentation of ways to help those we serve can be used everywhere.  

Thank you for giving us the vision and the encouragement to test the limits.  Woodward Resource
Center, Woodward, IA

This training should be for everyone, even if it doesn't relate to their profession.  It makes people more
sensitive to others needs and desires no matter who they are.  
Community Services for the
Developmentally Disabled, Niagara Falls

I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm!  Fantastic presentation; wonderful delivery style.  Thank you
for inspiring us all!!  
Metropolitan Human Services District

Of all of the many workshops I have attended, this is the best ever, hands down!  Metropolitan Human
Services District

I would like to personally  thank you for presenting your inspirational and innovative approach to
supporting people with intellectual disabilities to our agency.  Your 2-day presentation kept me at the
edge of my seat not wanting to miss a word of what you were saying.  Over the past 18+ years, as a
People Inc employee, I have never attended any kind of conference, workshop, symposium, etc., that
comes close to your presentation.  I am truly inspired to implement your philosophy into all aspects of
my life.  Many Thanks!  
People Inc., Williamsville, NY

There have been tears in my eyes on many examples.  A lot to learn.  Thank you for never making
anyone feel anything less than supportive for any question raised.  
Twin Valley, Kansas

Fabulous, humorous stories to demonstrate points.  Have heard Dr. P many times and hope to have
many more.  

Tom is the most motivating speaker I've ever seen!

SUPERB - he taps the humanity in all of us.  

Wanted to thank you again for the inspiring "experience" in Claremore (I just can't bring myself to call it
"training").  Your presentation was the perfect boost of adrenaline to refuel my personal and
professional ethics.  I have sent my kudos for you to our DDSD State Office staff this morning,
recommending you for a keynote speaker at any future statewide conferences they are planning.  I have
not been personally moved emotionally by a training since I heard Lou Brown speak 15 years ago.  
Thank you for your commitment...it does start with each one of us...demons be gone...I have work to
Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma City, OK

Tom is a very effective speaker, he appealed to me more than any other speaker in the field.  Have him
Jay Nolan Community Services, Riverside, CA

In 25 years in the field, I've never heard anybody address the issues that affect people who work in the
field as he did.  That’s wonderful.  We need to hear that we need to work on our issues to be able to
really help others.  
Interhab, Seneca, KS

Excellent! This is the direction I want to see in the field! Thank you so much Tom Pomeranz! ARRM
Conference, St. Paul, MN

This man has a pure awakening into realistic, workable solutions to having a loving and cooperative and
working family.  He knows extremely well how to speak to people and with people as valued
individuals.  I have begun to implement his techniques into my own family and it works!! Bring him
back many times over.
Family Support Conference, Fargo, ND

I have never felt more strongly about a training before.  Throughout the training I was thinking of
things I want to change.  The whole experience touched me very emotionally.  
Child Serve, Johnston,

I can’t wait to return to work and shake up my agency.  As a new supervisor, this training is
EXACTLY what I needed to understand my role thoroughly.  The tools will be used!!
Anne Carlsen
Center, Jamestown, ND

Probably the first (training) that was directly related to my job and a person who actually knew what
the field is about.
Chautauqua, Jamestown, NY

I thank you so much for helping me reassess my standard and reconnect with my professional/personal
goals.  I will always remind myself to treat others the way I would like to be treated. You are a truly
remarkable individual!
IAHD, Bronx, NY

I just wanted to leave you a note to say “Thank You.” I never imagined yesterday’s meeting to be so
inspiring.  You and Dr. Phil are #1 on my list!!!
NorthStar, O’Neill, NE

I have had the pleasure and great learning experiences through attending your trainings here at COC.  I
use your video and trainings in all new hires and on-going staff meetings.  Universal Enhancement has
really made a difference in the lives of our people supported and also brings a new awareness to the
Christian Opportunity Center, Pella, IA

I have been to other leadership training seminars (Franklin, Covey – 7 Habits, Tom Danley’s Course)
this was by far the best.  Covered a vast array of topics.  Thank you.  
Nebraska Dept of Health and
Human Services, North Platte, NE

I have been a staff here for many years, and you have turned on a lot of lights for me in these last two
days. In all the classes I have taken, this is the best and most informational class I have ever been to.  
Thank you.
Opportunity Village, Mason City, IA  

Very motivational and upbeat, positive and humorous.  I left (the) training feeling great about myself and
this affects my behavior with the clients.  
Fairbanks Resource Agency,  Fairbanks, Alaska

You brought new energy and enthusiasm to our employees and helped us see a promising future.  
Thank you again for an outstanding job.
Fairbanks Resource Agency, Fairbanks, Alaska

Your attitude reminds me of another speaker the late, Leo Buscaglia (sp.?) author of the book “The Fall
of Freddie the Leaf” Thank you for your experience.  
Direct support staff, Fairbanks Resource
Agency,  Fairbanks, Alaska

I applaud your courage, stamina and staying power.  Thank goodness for your energy.  We are all
hearing you and are growing everyday. Can’t wait to hear more!
Heritage Christian Home, East
Rochester, NY

I think you would be pleased to know that your name has become a standard term here at Exceptional
Persons Inc.  I frequently hear “According to Tom Pomeranz we should…” or “How would Tom
Pomeranz handle this?”  You have given us much to think about and a positive direction as we live each
day.  Thank you Tom!
Exceptional Persons, Inc., Waterloo, IA

Let me take a moment to thank you for the training and the inspirational and passionate way you present
your material.  I can always tell from your presentations (that) this is your desire and dream for people
with disabilities.  It is nice to know there are people in the world who care as much as you and gives
strength and determination to others.  
Rauch, Inc., New Albany, IN

Keep up the good work! We need more people like Dr. Tom Pomeranz.  Wow! I thought I knew what
my job duties were as a RSS.  I know now that it’s not a job. It’s an opportunity to have a relationship
with someone(s).
New Hope Village, Carroll, IA

This is the second time I have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Pomeranz.  Each time I am inspired to do
better.  It is a moving experience-he is the Martin Luther King of disabilities.
New Hope Village,
Carroll, IA

Tom gave me strength to make a change.  I had an epiphany (I’m not sure how to spell it) but
something happened inside of me today.  
Alpha, Bismarck, ND

Honest, up-beat, hard-hitting approach.  This workshop reminds us that there is still much to be done to
help people with disabilities to be free.  
Pride, Inc., Bismarck, ND

So relative to life in general, thought provoking, so helpful in my own life situation – makes me want to
make everyone’s life better by improving my own behavior.  Tom’s passion is contagious, and
Pride, Inc., Bismarck, ND

Our staff learned a great deal.  Your philosophy and methods are regularly incorporated into team
discussions and changes are occurring as a direct result of your seminar.  
Working Organization for
Retarded Children and Adults, Inc.  Lake Success, NY

You are an inspiration to all those who have the pleasure of hearing you speak.  You are a brilliant
speaker and I am looking forward to reading all your materials!
Independent Group Home Living,  East
Moriches, NY

I loved the training! (Coaching).  You touched on all the areas that I deal with on a daily basis –
identified problems that I see every day and the best thing is – how to fix it!  
Cardinal Center, Warsaw,

Above any other training I've ever had – I’ve never experienced anything like this.  We need this man in
all of our lives.  
The John F. Murphy Homes, Auburn, ME

Outstanding, to say the least! In these 7 hours today, I learned more that I have learned in my 15 years
of education.  I’m walking away from this meeting a completely changed person.  
EduCare Nevada,
Las Vegas, NV

I cried a couple of times.  Literally.  I feel that if there are people out there who have no compassion for
people with intellectual disabilities and they attend this session they will have a change of heart.
Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
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