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...Overcoming Life's Obstacles
ULS is a nationally recognized company, providing training, technical
assistance and consultation to organizations supporting and serving
individuals with disabilities.

Dr. Thomas E. Pomeranz serves as the Organization’s CEO and its principal consultant. With
over 35 years experience in the disability field, Dr. Pomeranz brings to ULS a broad range of
experience and expertise heralded in the disability field.  (View complete

As a nationally acclaimed training Organization, ULS is predominantly recognized for its focus in
addressing issues relating to quality of life for people with disabilities. Tens of thousands of
individuals have participated in training seminars, workshops and conferences conducted by
Universal Lifest
iles.  Clinical, managerial, supervisory, direct contact, administrative staff, families
as well as people with disabilities are among the targeted audiences. National and state
professional associations, Federal and state governmental entities, community based not-for-profit
and for profit organizations are representative of the broad range of organizations seeking the
services of Universal Lifest
iles. (Read Attendees' Comments)  Additionally, the Company is well
known for the development of best practice multimedia-training materials directed toward
enhancing the skills of staff in supporting people with disabilities.  (View
ULS Products)

Training topics most in demand include: Positive Behavioral Supports, Supported Routines,
Leadership, Sensitivity, On-site Coaching, and the Company’s hallmark course series entitled
Universal Enhancement. (View
Course Offerings)  A unique aspect of Dr. Pomeranz’s training is
that he is able to “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk.”  With “In Place-Just In Time” training,
Dr. Pomeranz demonstrates onsite, the training, techniques and strategies for improving the quality
of life for individuals receiving supports and services.  A thorough review of observations with
managerial staff provides a blueprint for them to follow in making changes.  

Much of Universal Lifest
iles’ reputation is built on its noted accomplishments in the consulting
arena. The Company provides an array of consulting services with subject matter ranging from
issues of promoting physical accessibility, overcoming behavioral challenges, improving staff
retention, enhancing quality of life, and advancing staff leadership abilities. Individuals participating
in ULS training, consultation or presentations are provided one year of free consultation from Dr.
Pomeranz on subjects ranging from dealing with specific behavioral and physical challenges
encountered in supporting their clientele to organizational change.  Dr. Pomeranz is frequently
solicited by States and agencies to address ICF/MR and other regulatory requirements posing
challenges to their organizations.

Due to the growing recognition by business and industry with respect to the importance of the
American’s With Disability Act, ULS is expanding its focus to include training and consultation for
businesses and industries in sensitively meeting the needs of their employees and customers with
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